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wFriday, February 23, 2007

I had a very interesting week. I thought I wouldn't make it, but I actually did. I feel pretty lucky, especially when I got late for training last Tuesday & we got off the hook, haha. ^_^ I'm so liking the progression of things. But I will need to make time for rewriting/reviewing my notes, rearranging my room, & rejuvenating this weekend if I want to keep the winning streak. Sigh.

posted by Andalusia at 2/23/2007 06:27:00 PM

wMonday, February 12, 2007

LIBRA: On Saturday, you may discover a new creative talent you never knew you possessed, thanks to the New Moon in Aquarius. On Sunday, the Sun enters Pisces, and your focus may be on your daily job and on ways you can maximize your talents to get ahead. You may experience some restless feelings and in an effort to bring some change into your life think about switching jobs. It might be that you have a good job but need to revitalize other areas of your life, so think first before you switch.


Well, wish me luck. I'm about to drag my brother out of bed so he could go with me while I submit my requirements before my training this Thursday. Maybe I can wheedle him into watching The Holiday with me, even if I myself would probably gag somewhere midway into the movie. Besides, I've already thought out this whole summer job shit. It's not going to be the central point in my life to the point of dependency, even if it'll be taking so much of my time & energy, like school. But, just very much like school, I need this to broaden my horizons, no matter how cliche that goes now, & this will come very handy in the future. I hope. Whatever. I just hope I don't chicken out. Oh, please, I hope I'd really commit this time.

posted by Andalusia at 2/12/2007 08:01:00 AM

wWednesday, February 07, 2007

I wonder why this card keeps popping up during readings, whether actual or automated. Perhaps because of the upcoming Mercury retrograde? I sure hope it'd be a blast.

If you are considering taking up a form of study, now may be the time to answer the call, for it is truthful and without deceit. Also, make time for fun. Go to an amusement park. The particular thrill of the park can peel away layers of any false sophistication, leaving only the core being which is able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Just try going on a roller coaster with your partner or best friend and not feeling alive down to your very center. See if you don't start running like children to get in line for the next ride, screaming when you want, laughing whenever you are moved to do so, being patient, but anxious as you wait your turn, and openly admitting your fears or happiness as you confront "the next ride." This can be life on the outside as well. Be prepared for a possible "blast from the past," and perhaps even the opportunity to revisit a time of good intentions, carefree indulgence, and generosity. If you are offered the chance to forgive or be forgiven, accept it without ulterior motive.

(MOTD) = The Smiths - This Charming Man

posted by Andalusia at 2/07/2007 06:19:00 PM

wMonday, February 05, 2007

It's Oyster Egg Day!
The Enchanted Flying Oyster came last night and hid his magical eggs all over the Kingdom of Loathing!

Grab a basket at the Market and go egg-hunting!

Today is a very special KoL day, & too bad I got too drunk for the goddamn egghunt. So there. Yes, I'm officially a KoL lush, & what I'd usually do on my spare time & with spare Meat (the official KoL currency) is mix or buy drinks & cook or buy food. This game is nuts. I LOVE IT. Haha. I'm now a Macaroni Magician, & I really would like to thank everyone who's given me support, yay.

Anyway, I got a funny little book last weekend, depicting how A.A. Milne's classic Winnie the Pooh story is a very mystical tale, indeed, & that Pooh Bear himself is a Supreme Mage, exhibiting Druidic powers & traits, HAHA. It's one of my favorite children's classics, & I'm very amused to know that Pooh is speculated to be Libran. :P Tigger's a Sagittarian, Rabbit is a Leo, Piglet is Cancerian, & Eeyore is Virgo.

posted by Andalusia at 2/05/2007 10:02:00 PM

wThursday, February 01, 2007

OK, thanks to Deric, I now have my old web-based RPG persona back in action, haha, but this time, in Kingdom of Loathing. It's fucking cute & funny, & I'm now a Pastamancer, wahaha. Here are my stats so far:

Level 2
Yeast Scholar


Current Hit Points: 5
Maximum Hit Points: 8

Current Mana Points: 4
Maximum Mana Points: 9 (base: 4)

Muscle: 5

Mysticality: 6

Moxie: 4

Adventures remaining: 49
Meat: 0

Account Created: January 31, 2007
Turns Played: 32
Days Played: 0


You must gain 2 Mysticality to advance to level 3.


Manicotti Meditation
Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: 1

By meditating on your Manicotti Mandala, you can achieve oneness with the pasta which makes up the underlying structure of reality. Your Magicalness will increase for a period of time.


Ravioli Hat

This is a hat fashioned from an oversized ravioli. Or maybe raviolus. We were never sure about that one.

Type: hat
Power: 10
Selling Price: 1 Meat.

Pasta spoon

This is a pasta spoon, weapon of choice of the Pastamancers. While similar to the rasta spoon, the pasta spoon is used more for making noodle magic than for summoning reggae music.

Type: weapon (1-handed utensil)
Power: 10
Selling Price: 1 Meat.

Haha, & after using my first skill for the first time, voila:

You meditate. Magicalness courses through your veins.
You acquire an effect: Pasta Oneness
(duration: 5 Adventures)

You feel at one with the forces of the pastaverse. Your fingers pulse with Magicalness.

My Mysticality is now 8 (6/13) & my Maximum Mana Points is now 12. Yipee! I'm now off to kill some evil bunnies in the Dire Warren in Mt. Noob. HAHAHA.

[EDIT: 1:50 AM] Level 3 nako, so I'm now a Noodle Neophyte, ahaha, & I'm somewhere in The Distant Woods, with only 4/8 HP, crap! This is fucking addicting. I wonder if I'll ever survive training without missing a game! I only have 19 turns left, though. Let's share stats!!!

[EDIT: 2:45 AM] I just made a new "friend" in the game, & she gave me a tonload of items! Then I had some guys conjure Jalapeno Saucesphere & Tenacity of the Snapper on me, so I'm quite invincible now, I think. HAHA this is so much fun! :D Too bad I have to earn turns again. This game requires a lot of eating, crap... just when I'm on a diet. Anyway, I just joined a clan for more adventures & stuff. Too bad Deric joined something else more snooty-sounding. :P

Haha, just in case you didn't know, I am uh, a real life pastamancer. Or pastamanceSS. Whatev. :P

posted by Andalusia at 2/01/2007 01:16:00 AM