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wMonday, April 07, 2008

I finally got the massage that I needed so badly, & I have to thank Lorna for waiting patiently for me for our sessions, haha. Ooh, Balinese heaven. I was also able to get new flowers for my dad & kid sister's stead. My assigned memorial park caretaker, the ever dependable Mang Larry, also got new flowers there & lighted the candles I left since Friday. Then he was nice enough to give me a puppy, whom I'll be fondly calling Snow from now on LOL. She would've been a German shepherd, but we couldn't get any puppies at the moment, & for some reason I dread being half-eaten by an Alsatian BWAHAHA — I am so heading towards spinsterhood fast. My mom's friend who gave us Buster (R.I.P.) a few months ago will be giving us another puppy, but it's taking too long as well. So, there. I love Snow, she's a gentle grrl. She didn't even have any qualms when I took her away to her new home. I hate claiming puppies, seriously — they would yelp & jerk & try to bite & shit — but she was such an angel, & she even tried to play with me for a bit when she met me. It was fate. Love at first sight. She's rather tiny but quite heavy, haha, yay, talk about well-fed. She's clean, too, & I realized that female dogs always fared better in this household because they'd live longer than our Blacky, Scarfy, Shooter, & Buster for some reason. Sigh. My future husky Sanzo will NOT share the same fate, I swear. Did I tell anyone how Buster chased & then eventually ate his tail off, then he'd gobble up Sunspot's ocean fish Whiskas like mad even if we've already fed him & crap? What the hell. What a fucking idiot that puppy was. :( Let's just say he was the dumbest of the brood.

Anyway, Blacky was our dad's favorite, & he lived the longest. He was Brownie's much younger brother, but he went mad & crap & broke free from his leash & got shot by the military police along the runway.
:( He was born on November 3, 1988 then he died on May 29, 1993. He was a cute, lazy furball when he was a puppy, but he was a grand, powerful watchdog when he grew older. Scarfy was Blacky's scarlet nephew, & he was my kid sister's pet, but he got rabid first & bit Candy & died a few days later. He was too young to get shots, unlike his brother Blacky. By the way, Blacky was the last of the handsome dogs that we had ever since I was born. His mother Sexy (LOL I know WTF right) was a lovely bitch, yes, & she was close to her daughter Brownie. She grew very old, & she died of cancer. Brownie died of old age as well. They were sleek & light-colored. Now Shooter was Poochie's son. Poochie was a frail mongrel that was given to us by our neighbor who baked awesome chocolate cashew cakes & empanada before we left Sangley Point, but she was very tame & bright, & she would sit with me while I'd look up at the night sky in front of our yard. Our house today still faces North & it makes me nostalgic thinking of those times. She'd put her paw on my lap if she wanted something, or even if she would seem to make it known that she was listening to my thoughts. She was ferocious, however, to intruders — but she was generally nice to everyone who visited our home, especially to those she'd be familiar with. She wasn't as pretty as Brownie, but she was more special to me. She was my friend. When we moved here 10 years ago, she did her job well. She died on Independence Day nearly 7 years ago. :( She bore Shooter before we moved here, though, who wasn't as attractive as his predecessors, either, but he was just as tough. He got his name from his limp leg that was shot for some weird reason. He died of food poisoning (not our fault). Then Buster was the new dog that appeared after our place became a kitty sanctuary for a few years. Too bad he didn't live that long, but he was well taken care of, especially by my dad's paternal cousin, who would call him Borgy, before she was driven out by my mom. Too bad I don't have pictures.

I'm hoping Snow would grow up to be an ice queen LOL but with a pure, gentle heart & that she'd live long, of course. I was thinking she would be in black & white like my cute puppies Mia & Mimi, who sadly didn't survive long enough due to accidents, but that's alright if she's a bit on the brown side. Fuck you, she ain't mangy!

Sonny & Snow!

Haha, that's my brother with her in the washroom. He rather likes manhandling pets, ARGH. I can't wait to get her new toys & stuff. Funny how I haven't had lunch yet since I woke up today, as I had to make sure she was well-fed first! :D My sister gave her a dewormer earlier, & I think she's tired. She was watching TV snuggling my right thigh on the couch, then fell asleep. HAHA. ♥ I really should check on her again after this. God, I'm so dying an old maid, LOL.

Back to our Best Mall + Town in The World misadventures, I got a kick out of hoarding ang pao / hong bao / lai see the other night & I checked out different shades of paint for my room. I might get it repainted in a light pink. But I hate shopping for household crap alone. Oh, I just have to say the local Good Housekeeping recipes magazine vol. 5 is yet the best of the series. Then it's fun eating halo-halo in the middle of the night. Haha, & I'd always be caught dead eating sundaes under the rain, & having ice cream for breakfast.

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posted by Andalusia at 4/07/2008 07:15:00 AM