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wFriday, June 22, 2001

I'm online & haven't gone out yet to school. Haven't even finished preparing lunch either. I might as well take a bath now. But brrrr, it's a cold, cold afternoon today. Oh, well... I still have to go out to finish my schedule revision & finally meet my classmates in Nihongo [FL 411].

The family dog we had for so long died last night. Dad told me he had to bury her out of the blue. I could see Poochie looking sore all over & stuff the past few days, but I didn't mind it much. I even thought she was going to bear pups this year. Dammit, maybe I guess I should take her loss. She's aged so much, anyway. I felt a strange deep, searing void within me, though. *sigh* To think she even went up to me to get petted for a half hour or so last Independence Day... errr, night for that matter. /me could feel warm tears well up my eyes


posted by Andalusia at 6/22/2001 01:06:00 PM