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wMonday, January 01, 2007

Sometimes we just need to determine when to draw the line or prod further: while other women are going great lengths to save the world as much as they can, I have to keep myself pretty balanced. Not too aggressive, not too shrinking, either. Not sell myself short, but at the same time not overestimate myself, lest I'd bite more than what I can chew. Looking back at my failures & utterly surreal experiences since childhood, with someone insightful enough (especially when I least expect it, like my mother, would you believe?!) to help you reflect on such, I think I can handle 2007, the same way I got through life from 10 to 16 years ago. I just need to draw that inner strength & serenity again. It just pains me that everytime I get to think of it, I'd realize I'm so much more interesting & resilient (though more clueless in a sense, of course) when I was younger. Now I'm just...

Well, scratch that. I should end this by declaring how re-empowered & re-energized I feel after much contemplation, like I always would when I'd stay up to watch the sun rise &/or set in my childhood home, without worrying about temporal trappings & other comforts. Though I'd need to make a trip back there soon.

(MOTD) = Sarah McLachlan - World on Fire

posted by Andalusia at 1/01/2007 07:32:00 AM