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wTuesday, November 07, 2006

Tomorrow could be a good time to get my phone done, eat halo-halo, check an art exhibit out, get another gym ID, work out even if only for an hour, get my hair & fugly face reconditioned, & try not to worry about the traffic going back home. I'm in such a big funk right now that I feel like setting myself on fire. But that's what happens whenever I'm PMSing, whether I actually get my period or not (the latter's so much worse, seriously). So 6 weeks apart since my last agony is so much better than a 6-month delay, but I feel so bad gulping down too much sugar from chocolate & ice cream, when I should be having more milk, mango yogurt, & bananas to curb my mood swings & keep my state of health intact. Being a girl just takes too much work, & I still have issues with my genetic makeup no matter what I do. So no matter how my posts get horrifying like this to unsuspecting male readers, haha, I'm ranting further as much as possible, whenever necessary, especially when I'm feeling extremely antisocial.

(MOTD) = The Used - Buried Myself Alive

posted by Andalusia at 11/07/2006 07:19:00 PM