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wWednesday, November 01, 2006

The beau & I were discussing about travelling recently, & I vehemently grimaced at the thought. I mean, I never really felt the need to go around because I can read all about them tour destinations in books or on the Net, or hear about them from my friends & random passersby, or watch it all on TV whenever I get the chance. Maybe I just hate worrying about packing up, rushing to the airport, getting comfy in my seat all throughout the trip (& that is why I insist on window seats forever because I'd rather watch everything instead of sleeping it all off), dealing with disgusting airplane food, unboarding & claiming baggage, travelling to our place of stay & rest, unpacking, dealing with homesickness (even if I'm just 3 hours away from my house at the very least) & dialect issues, then when the so-called vacation's over, I have to endure everything again until I get home. I'm very picky with accommodations, by the way. I want everything to feel like I didn't even leave home (or like I should be awfully glad I actually did). Don't even get me started with boat trips. Ferry rides can be fun & romantic on a lazy afternoon, but no way am I going to travel by water all the way from Manila to Northern Mindanao. They say the new boat rides are spectacular nowadays, like you're aboard a mini-cruise, but no, thanks. I miss them splendid Northern Mindanao beaches, though, with matching lovely vintas at the horizon. I can probably listen to Sigur Ros all day & my other ambient stuff (Radiohead, Massive Attack, Mazzy Star, Sean Lennon, Moby, even my staple grunge tracks) & try not to blissfully drown myself in the water, as if hypnotized.

Long drives are OK on familiar terrain, & Tagaytay's my favorite refuge even if I haven't fully explored its wonders yet, & more people are invading it by the minute. Just don't make me sit through a trip to Baguio at the most. I'll gladly fly my way there, seriously. One of the longest (& most surreal) car rides I've ever had was from my mom's hometown to Cagayan de Oro 10 years ago. It would've been awesome to drive through all that terrain with a flashy sportscar, hehe. Oooh, someday.

I'd like to run away to Hong Kong & Singapore & Tokyo soon, because I'm a fan of urbanization like that. Of course, there would be a few sacred places to look for there, then I'd fly back home as soon as I can. Shopping is out of the question, but I think I'll want to hoard a lot of items from Tokyo ^_^ the most, hehe. But the places I'd really want to visit are the following:

1) Iceland
2) the Stonehenge
3) Angkor Wat, Cambodia (haha mala-In The Mood For Love, & I'll whisper all my secrets to the place then leave them forever there)
4) Taprobane Island, Sri Lanka
5) Turtle Island, Fiji
6) Tahiti (para shark bait na talaga!)
7) Paris
8) Hawaii (pansin nyo puro beach?)
9) Colorado (for close ski trips!)
10) anywhere in Italy would be good, too.

All for peace & quiet, with good food while being close to nature, brimming with culture, haha. All I can do now, though, is wish hard.

(MOTD) = Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar

posted by Andalusia at 11/01/2006 02:40:00 PM