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wSaturday, May 13, 2006

You know what is sheer torture? Having to endure 2-3 days' worth of kittens mewing out loud that just lost their mom to an inexplicable death. After losing my tomcat Sophie (I'm so much luckier with male pets, seriously! WAHAHA) last year (he's still alive, though, prowling the neigborhood) because I neglected my motherly duties to the spoiled bastard after my kid sister passed away :( who was also his mother-figure, I didn't feel like taking care of stray unweaned kittens in need anymore. Especially when Cody died a few months before my kid sister. It's a good thing Sunspot (another tomkitten I saved even if his mom Elena was here freeloading for sometime) still lives here, & I regret not taking care of him as much as I looked after Sophie. My brother & I just wanted to throw the damn new kittens away, assuming they were too little = underdeveloped to be attended to. But when our household help showed the adorable tiny fuckers last night & gladly announced that she was able to feed them a few hours earlier, I was so relieved. I hope they'd survive. I really want them to. I can't handle news of deaths anymore, anyway. They practically look like my other estranged cat Panther, Sunspot's half-brother. :D I sure hope I can rear them kahit papano.

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posted by Andalusia at 5/13/2006 05:21:00 AM