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wFriday, May 19, 2006

While thinking about potential flyer details for my upcoming stint (details to follow), I came across this promotional brochure:
Life is full of choices.

I can choose up to wake up early or to sleep in. I can choose regular over decaf coffee. I can choose to meet new people or to spend time with old friends. I can choose these sandals over those boots to fit my favorite jeans. But I can also make a choice that really changes my day.

I can choose to be beautiful.

Beauty is power. It is compelling & inspiring. It can be subtle & quiet yet always captivating.

Beauty complements my life's passions. Each day being beautiful takes me from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Hehe. Yeah, right. But the price for being beautiful can be horrifying, really. I think beauty doesn't have to be always dependent on artifice or symmetry. Or maybe I'm just sourgraping because I can't afford to be "beautiful" everyday? Not when I'm commuting with a tendency to sleep amidst the long ride back home & a dingy suburban environment to make pakikipagsapalaran with. Not when I've already got major frown lines among other stupid things to acquire from age that moisturizers or whatnot can't diminish. (Stretch marks become less visible with regular full-body massages, though! ^_^) Not when reality has to take hold of the reins sometimes & one has to endure wa poise moments with much dignity as possible, like blisters on your feet from uncooperative strappy sandals or an upset stomach just before a major event or like what happened to me last year: puffy eyes & sleeplessness while mourning for my departed sister but everyone was telling me to fix myself up for the dignitaries connected to my parents who'll be visiting us to offer condolences (AMPOTAH PALA KAYO EH, SINO BA NAMANG GAGANAHANG MAG-MEKAP PA KUNG GANUN ANG NANGYARE SA INYO? NALILIGO NAMAN AKO AH, AMBANGO PA NG BODY SCRUB KO!) Sometimes one just has to hopelessly be oneself, supposed flaws & all. True beauty is radiated from within, anyway. How? Don't ask me, as I could care less. I think I have more pride than vanity. But if you'd come see me sometime, perhaps we can talk about it. (WAHAHA what a segue!) Oh, well, just do as I say, not as I do. :P

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posted by Andalusia at 5/19/2006 01:23:00 PM