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wSunday, January 16, 2005

I'm really setting my hopes up high on my wishes to be able to travel to Europe! If I don't make it this year (oh, please, say it ain't so!), my mom promised me that after graduation she'll provide for my TOUR there, so I can apply in UNO. OMG. Can this be true? Perhaps my auld lang syne dreams of taking up culinary arts, photography, & oil painting will be realized sooner than I thought? Oh, my, yay yay yay, please, oh please, WISH ME fuKkn LUCK! I'll send lots of postcards & trinkets & bottles of my favorite banana wine, hehe. Let's just hope that EuroDisney doesn't completely go out of business yet by then.

For the girl who'd rather read books or blogs about European life & culture than pack her bags to her favorite cities (London, Paris, Milan, Geneva, Athens — & hopefully in ICELAND's capital!) given the chance, this is surprising, no?

I wonder if Vienna will be on my list, too. *le sigh*

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posted by Andalusia at 1/16/2005 05:53:00 PM