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wWednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm really grateful to everyone who's been helping me out lately with my issues. I hope more blessings come my & my family's way, & may all those find their way back to my & my kid sister's friends. :) *hugs*

I got a mass card this afternoon as promised, & the offered novenas entailed in Boni Ave., Mandaluyong will run until the 26th. :) Then more roses will be delivered on Friday. :* I'll be expecting more scented candles to light next week as well once my other older sister gets back, yay! & I hope this language instruction set is included in the 20%-off promo so I can avail of it next week, then all I'll be worrying about is securing my passport & driver's license for my much-awaited vacay. :D

The house is getting revamped despite everything so we can have it blessed once more at the end of the month. I'll plan another mass to be held on Candy's grave & get more of her friends together. I also got numbers of a few key people who'd be more than willing to help me sort Candy's case out & with my mass communications studies. If I get any luckier than this, I'll request for prayers from a couple of churches with rather pretty-sounding names along Tagaytay then savor a nice meal somewhere cozy. :)

So am I feeling really better? Quite. Even if I'd end up tormented by damning things come bedtime. It's been a month since she's gone, after all. :(

(MOTD) = Hiroshi Takano - Aikawarazusa

posted by Andalusia at 1/19/2005 09:22:00 PM