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wThursday, October 07, 2004

I just had to delete the last post. My period's over & for the love of God, I don't want to think about babies & ovaries for now. Especially that my mom & dad's been teasing me that I'd have a cuter kid & they want to see their grandchild from me soon — as if that's going to be easy. I only have 2 words for you, folks: ASA. PA.

Hehe. @#$%!?^&*!!@#!

I feel a bit saner now, but not quite. Nge. Anyway, I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night & I want to see it again. :)

But what I'm really excited about is seeing The House of Flying Daggers (tangina, I loved Hero, remember?) & the movie adaptation of Stephen King's "Secret Window, Secret Garden" from the Four Past Midnight book (which is, sadly, my only favorite Stephen King work, haha, yikes). Not only that Johnny Depp stars as Mort Rainey, but after wishfully thinking since 1992 that them Four Past Midnight stories should be made into motion pictures soon (I didn't see The Langoliers, though!), you can just imagine my surprise. :D

& oh, yeah, I was into Alfred Hitchcock before. My dad had this vintage pocketbook with a green cover & old thin yellowing pages, ugh, & it was the only thing in his collection that I liked, aside from his Great Cases of Interpol from Reader's Digest, which I've been reading since the sixth grade. Other than that, I stuck to children's classics. I didn't even enjoy Greek mythology that much, but since I was so into constellations & shit, that led me to learning about that in grade four. I'm such a happy moron.

I went out drinking with Zhy & Rissa even if I'm trying to steer clear of alcohol, & I've no regrets! I'm actually stocking up on this fabulous drink for the holidays. :D Perfect for my favorite pig-out fare, tas ang swabe pa ng tama! Buti nakauwi pako samen, hehehe. Wa poise talaga. I'll always choose champagne & banana wine over Blouberg white, though. & I'll always like el cheapo close-knit get-togethers + street parties over fancy dinners & huge soirees, unless I get really bored. Speaking of which, I'm planning to throw a Christmas party at home this year — potluck would be nice!

This post is going nowhere. But let me take a moment to plug my interest in badminton. Any takers? 50 php per head, play all you want thing.

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posted by Andalusia at 10/07/2004 04:27:00 PM