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wThursday, October 28, 2004

I forgot where I swiped these lines from but oh, what the heck:

It's not uncommon for couples to have clashing political ideas. For most people, sharing the same political viewpoints is not a prerequisite for courtship.

Couples say that being on different sides of issues and supporting different candidates or what have you can add zest to a relationship.

Couples who lean in different political directions say the key to keeping politics from getting in the way is to know when to stop.

Politics are important, but not something to get upset about.

I don't give a shit about politics, but I used to be quite a bitch about religion. However, the guys I could argue about religion weren't my type, & the guys I liked were too busy with other shit & out of reach. I wanted sheer compatibility but I couldn't score it. The guys I thought who were in the same frequency as I am were unbearable in the end, & when I tried to lower my standards all I came up with were total shitheads. Just when I've completely given up on lively conversation (the only other free thing that sustained me aside from music & the beach) only then did I realize that the search was over. Ang masaklap nga lang, I don't have anything else anymore to offer — I've grown so boring & listless & ditzy, & I hate myself for it. But I'll never give up my penchance for tarot & pigging out & random movies — wag nyo na lang akong kausapin kung nabobobohan at/o nababato kayo, demyu.

I still know a couple of guys, though, online, whom I can have fun talking to without really my fumbling for things to say to keep the conversational ball rolling. It's so easy, actually — all they have to do is come up with their usual crazy witticisms tas tatawa na lang ako't come up with a good retort. Plus they don't flirt, which is sooo refreshing. Fuck sexual tension. It's the last thing I need. Is it so much to ask for CATCHY emo-intellectual dissipation? Or am I just too cerebral for my own good sometimes? (HAHA cerebral daw sabay ditzy din pala!) Fuck politics — nakakabaog lang mag-isip nun at nakakawalang-gana lalong mabuhay.

Nalulungkot din ako dahil wala akong makausap. I get bored so easily pa naman, which is very much a curse, methinks. Despite being surrounded by lots of people & a whole slew of other stuff to get frazzled with, I feel very much alone & unheard. Yeah, maybe even unheard of. Nakakatamad tuloy lumabas. Nakakaiyak. If you think this is so fucking easy for me, au contraire. You're very much mistaken. I'm sick of it — being alone, feeling empty, saying I can't go through this any longer. I'm tired of clashes, disagreements, diversity. Politics is very much upsetting, but my personal life is all the more heartbreaking, & it's supposed to be the most important thing to me in the world.

Speaking of politics, I was right about the war. It should never have happened. Bush should go drown himself in oil, & let Saddam fuck himself in Iraq.

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posted by Andalusia at 10/28/2004 01:32:00 AM