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wWednesday, September 29, 2004

I got my nails painted frosted pink yesterday. Haha, ano ba naman itong kalandian ko. Kahit di naman bagay sa pang-araw-araw kong getup, sige pa rin! I had the best cheap manicure + pedicure + foot spa at my neighborhood mall, sa tapat ng coffee shop na malimit naming tambayan. The nice lady who did my nails even wanted to give me french tips, pero that'd be overkill if I obliged, right? Saka na! Hehe. I have to look a bit more girly from now on — which, for the life of me, is deathly impossible. Though I forgot to get my hair done again (pati facial sana papatusin ko na HAHA). My friends must really think I'm weird to go through all this bullshit, knowing how much of a tomboy + slob I am ever since. Ang saken lang naman eh, I don't care whether I'd end up looking pretty or sexy (yakkk) — basta I'd feel refreshed & contented, OK na yun! (I knew I should've had my flat feet massaged na rin while I was at it!) I guess you can say it's my way of nonconforming: not living up to what people oughta expect from me. :p Besides, despite my basagulero-sa-kanto look most of the time, hellerrr, I'm 100% gerlash, noh!

But I wish being a girl didn't have to cause so much trouble. Punyeta. Ang mahal pa! My budding love affair with Philosophy products is driving me crazy. Ayoko naman ng makeup. Leche. I'm frustrated enough trying to keep my skin clear as it is. OK na saken lip balm, clear mascara, hand sanitizer, & baby powder, susmaryosep. Gusto ko lang ng bath stuff so I can relax & keep myself squicky-clean kahit papano when I feel like it. It's part of my kabaklaan este New Age-y inclination. Nakakaloka. "So this is what Abbee's guilty pleasure is..." you might muse. Oo, nuon pa. I like stationery & scents & the colors pink & purple & flowers & silk & water & kawaii stuff ^_^ & love. Leche. "Eh bat ba feeling mo nasa hayskul ka pa rin, iha? Malapit ka nang mag-trenta pero ganyan pa rin ang inarte mo?!"

Haaaayyy, kaya all the more siguro I should be conscious of what I feel & project. So kung mamamatay na lang rin ako eh dapat sagarin ko na. Wish ko lang makapag-skirt talaga ako & strappy heels — the works — next year.

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posted by Andalusia at 9/29/2004 02:47:00 PM