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wMonday, September 27, 2004

I actually had a very happy birthday despite everything else that got in my way, like lack of sleep, annoying parents, cancellation if not neglect of a few plans & things to stash at home for the party, & missing a few people who were supposed to be there, among other issues. I'd like to thank everyone who showed up & made it all possible. :D

First of all, I'd like to enumerate the highlights!

1) KTV was fun — the food was good kahit a tad too pricey & the sandwiches were sabog, the lemonade was the best-tasting mix I've come across ever, AJ & Deric's antics made the rounds more fun, Candy was hogging the mike & remote control but she put on a great show, & Kathz eventually warmed up to the crowd even if she became cranky at the last minute. Remind me not to go back there on weekends, though, hehe. We have to take advantage of the buffet nights! Five whole hours of craziness = bitin pa rin!

2) I fucking won in Monopoly!!! HAHAHAHA. I usually don't end up getting bankrupt, with more than a thousand dollars at hand worth of money & property at my worst (naks!) miraculously, but ending up with $4272.50 even if I've mortgaged Park Lane to be able to pay for my $390 rent to Kathz on my last horrid turn was awesome. To think I was already spaced out while playing. Yay! Salamat D, pinaunlakan mo ko. :P

3) I got a really pretty bouquet of peach & pink roses, a vintage tarot deck, a box of the rather cheesy Icebreaker game, free 100 Karma Coins for future online readings, a neat goth-looking black-gold scented angel candle, The Floating Landscape on DVD, & the "knowledge" that my guardian angel could actually be the archangel Michael himself (after flipping through this book Kathz found in Powerbooks Live; hers supposedly is the Angel of Abundance) even if my dad who drank too much gave this stupid anecdote on Michael & Satan. wtf. Hehe.

Anyway, Babes made it even if she was sleepy as hell & her teeth hurting from her readjusted braces. Thanks, girl. Good to know I've another fan of my so-called carbonara, hehe. Kathz brought like 20 paper plate holders, even if not many people got to stay around & eat at home. AJ was really helpful & spent a lot on calls, hehe. Please thank Martin for me & his other friend whose name I keep forgetting. Deric & Faith were as usual a fun, cute couple. :) Too bad Faith wasn't able to stay long & sing her heart out when most of us were goofing off. But my sister & I glad to see her again. I wish Zhy & Rissa were able to make it. :( But as long as they're alright, I'm OK na din. Oh, & I love the beau. As usual. :*

All's well that ends well, I guess. I should go get some cake later.

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posted by Andalusia at 9/27/2004 05:10:00 AM