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wTuesday, September 30, 2003

I wish I were as strong, witty, & determined as I used to be.
Too bad I've become too moody for my own good.

The Queen of Swords, reversed, in the Hidden Self position, suggests that this Queen can’t be fooled too easily. She is probably intelligent, honest, and a direct communicator who may not tolerant much nonsense. By sheer will and determination she seems to be able to do what must be done, often setting aside her own sorrow, emotions, or pleasures in order to accomplish the goal, attend to justice, or keep the commitment. It could be that this Queen might have a tendency to become harsh or impatient with others, and may be a bit uncomfortable with open displays of affection or emotion. Others may see her as witty, if not a bit judgmental, but almost everyone would agree that she is courageous, and a person of some character. This Queen may have some control issues that need addressing with a mother, daughter, or sister type, which might be masking some resentment, or she could still be carrying a torch for a lost love.

(MOTD) = Sponge - Molly

posted by Andalusia at 9/30/2003 08:29:00 AM