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wFriday, September 26, 2003

HAHAHA, I had a totally motherfucking sonuvabitch HAPPY birthday!


Yeah, I think it was definitely worth it, kahit I had not much sleep the night before & I had to fucking cry myself to sleep again when I got home, because surprisingly I got all the more inspired to feel better about myself after sharing a rather momentous event with my kid sibs. Awww. Tangina, I may not be the best Ate in the world, pero I love you both! :D & hoy, AJ, TENKSHU!

I hate it when I get all worried & puyat kasi nagiging sabaw ang utak ko. I get klutzy & disoriented. Di rin ako makakain putangina. Sayang yung food & drinks stubs, pati na rin yung barbecue kagabi, waaaaaahhhhhhhh. Pero basta, makapag-DDR na nga lang ulet, hahaha. Yoko na ng dance pad available for PSX, though. Now I think know what I must have before I die — a DDR arcade machine! That should help me keep my sanity! WOOHOO!

Hayyyyyy, anlupet ng Kiko Machine — onli in da pili-pakking-pins mo makikita si SpiderMan na nagbe-bass guitar sabay giling at rampa ala bakloosheset macho dancer, hahaha. PUNYETA MENNNNN, panalo! Shet! Di kinaya ng powers ko! Dinaig pa ko!

/me nabading na naman

Maybe I really should catch up on sleep before I totally lose it.

posted by Andalusia at 9/26/2003 11:50:00 AM