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wSaturday, February 15, 2003

Spent Valentine's Day mostly in bed, argh. Turns out that I'm coming down with the flu. I wasn't able to drop by the goodie bag I prepared for my best bud as I promised her a few hours, because a fever surfaced & I had no choice left but to sleep it off. I had to miss out on lunch & dinner, too.

But before that, it was rather disappointing that Catch Me If You Can wasn't being shown anymore in our local mall. We settled for Hero instead, & fuckn a, we weren't disappointed! PUTANGINA SA GANDA NON, NYETA! Haha, sorry for cussing, but the movie was THAT good (what an understatement)!

When we got home, my kid brother & I had a load of Lilo & Stitch (which he wasn't able to see last year but I already have) & Powerpuff Girls The Movie (w00t!) on VCD. Hehe, he is so cool. I'll never find anyone who can stand watching even the cheesiest of movies with me, then laugh all about it while we're at it. I'd really miss him when he leaves this summer to stay with my dad in our other house at my mom's province.

I hope Kathz wouldn't mind me dropping by early in a few... but God, I am so woozy right now.

(MOTD) = Toshi Kubota - Nothing But Your Love

posted by Andalusia at 2/15/2003 06:12:00 AM