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wThursday, February 20, 2003

If you need to run around and do errands like a chicken with its head cut off, don't drag others along with you. Complete your mission solo. You will find that you are much more efficient if you don't have the extra weight to carry around. Not only will you get your chores done faster, but you will have time to think and process certain things on your own without the influence of someone else's energy around to taint your thinking.

Hehe, which I did! I cooked breakfast & lunch then cleared the sink like thrice single-handedly, but now I'm too tired to do anything else, like clear the stove & counters in the kitchen. Maybe later. I had a nice long cold shower, though, so that makes me all the more delighted with how things are working out. Yay. My dad who rarely eats my cooking complimented my beef stew for the first time, blurting out loud to my mom's horror, "pwede ka nang mag-asawa!" HAHA. Either he was too hungry that he'd eat anything served hot at the dinner table, or he really meant that cheesy remark. Oh, well. But being approbated like that by Dad is already big deal, considering how he'd just say, "OK lang" or "pwede na to" whenever I'd whip up meals in lieu of my mom or everytime I'd make him coffee.

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posted by Andalusia at 2/20/2003 06:29:00 PM