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wThursday, February 13, 2003

I have so much to say. There's still water outage here at home, but as long as I can take a bath everyday & do household chores requiring water usage, hehe, I'll be fine. I just got back from Kathz's last night, who has just recovered from flu, & we kinda bonded over old letters before I gave her a follow-up reading to what I did for her 9 days ago. I also brought 3 local gurly magazines with insightful articles she could make use of, then advised her to keep a journal again. (I gave her a little black book she could use for the purpose for our friendship anniversary, remember?) She should stop running away from her fears & insecurities by turning into some frenzied bitch heading straight towards self-destruction. I had fun; she said she did, too. I hope she'd get some sense knocked into her before anything else crazy happens to her. We babbled about a lot of things, but what I liked best that she blurted out of the blue was what she thought about Stephen Speaks' Passenger Seat song, which is, quite to my amusement, uncannily a part of my real-life love story, hehehe. ^_^

Anyway, catch me if you can... I'll be out tonight with my sister to grab a few things for tomorrow, & for a movie. Yeah, go figure what.

posted by Andalusia at 2/13/2003 06:22:00 PM