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wWednesday, September 25, 2002

Too bad I might just have to put off birthday celebration sprees until tomorrow.

I'm calling it a day. I'm feeling feverish, & my nose is clogged yet runny. Like, how weird is that?

But I sure had a nice day today... a lot of people remembered & sent me lotsa e-cards & SMS greetings. Friends from grade/high school, my Scatterbrains posse, Ate Honey, kai, & Lynne (z3uG). I even had a call from Maya on my cp — thank you so much! I also had a newfound friend in Ate Neneng (a neighbor of my best bud's) who said she'd just go to church for me in Baclaran since I was too sick to get up early this morning. Yay. The best part of it all, though, was my best bud giving me a brown runic bracelet made from elephant bone when the clock struck 12, after I gave her best friend Mark a reading in her room. They loved the bracelet so much that they even got some for themselves.

Oh, wait, I guess the REALLY best part of it all was him taking a day off from work & keeping me company even if for a not-so-short-yet-not-so-long-either while. ^_^

posted by Andalusia at 9/25/2002 06:05:00 PM