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wSunday, September 22, 2002

Somehow I get people ending up lost in this stupid blog when they go searching for glutaphos here. Too bad they won't find anything substantial about the subject! I tried the damned stuff a few times last year, to no avail. I was more often than not physically exhausted & emotionally diffused, to the point of waking up late in the morning still with my school clothes on, whenever I don't get to go online around 3 in the morning for IRC, paperwork, & research. No amount of such could jumpstart my brain. But I personally suggest you kids take them staple Pharmaton, Centrum, chocolate, & peanuts instead. They actually work, & oh, gadzooks, get enough exercise + sleep too, if you want your mind so desperately to crank up for the books & shyt.

posted by Andalusia at 9/22/2002 11:00:00 PM