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wMonday, September 23, 2002

Me & my flimsy, alleged poetry —

Somewhere here in the horizon
the rippling moonlit waters remind me
how lovely Life can be from a distance
at certain serene times
With the city lights aglow
below dainty stars and clouds
When the cool sea breeze blows kisses
on my weary, sleepy brow...

As I close my eyes and feel the bliss
brought upon by such contemplation
A certain warmth, stirred in with a mild chill,
surges through my self's inner depths
Up to my head

Then I look back at you, beaming —
I find myself wishing this moment would never have to end.

"Beside You"
05:41 AM

Your heart holds the sweetness —
pure, moving, gradual, ethereal —
that pours itself generously
calming me down,
setting me free,
winning me over,
drawing me closer,
making it known to me
the power and truth of the wonder
that is Love.
I have always wished for this,
yet never expected it now to be so real...

"boredom + mush = crap"
02:55 PM

Sorry, I couldn't help but post these up. Not that I'm being ultra-mushy or anything. It just occurred to me this morning that they were the very last bits of "poetry" (blechhh) I made, & I wouldn't be really inspired to write them if it weren't for them arts & literature aficionados in my local BBS (somewhat).

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posted by Andalusia at 9/23/2002 06:47:00 AM