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wMonday, September 16, 2002

LIBRA: Lots of sleep is the answer tonight. Your body needs time to rejuvenate.

I might have to self-induce sleep if things go out of hand.

But for the lighter stuff, I just want to link this so I can look it up later.

Hooray for Windows XP Pro Plus.

I hope it does work better now than WinME. I'm generally quite anxious with change, & adjusting to a new OS is somewhat crazy. I feel lost just about everytime I have to deal with evolving. I'm stressful like that. Dammit.

But I've dealt with Office XP before, & we've added XP tweaks to our ME last summer, so...

I can hardly wait to have everything completely set up so I can reconfigure my IRC script, SMS client, & all other blah with my apps.

(MOTD) = Switchfoot - Only Hope

posted by Andalusia at 9/16/2002 09:15:00 AM