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wWednesday, September 04, 2002

Just when I was racking my brains to improve my blogs, I stumbled upon a few good reads today...

Hehe, now this is enlightening.

Oh, & this, too.

The following passage from this link hit me smack-dab, though:

Though you write with passion about things that matter greatly, always remember that it’s a big world, filled with people and stories. Don’t expect the world to stop and listen. Never expect any individual (or, worse, any quantity of individuals) to read your work, for they may have other things to do. At the same time, steel yourself to expect the unexpected visitor and the uninvited guest; the most unlikely people may read your work. Your mother, who never uses a computer, may read your intimate weblog one day in the library. To be honest with the world, you may need to be honest with your mother; if you cannot face your mother, perhaps you are not ready to write for the world.

So should I quit blogging altogether at this point? ^_^

(MOTD) = Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Take Me Home (radio edit)

posted by Andalusia at 9/04/2002 05:21:00 PM