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wFriday, September 06, 2002

HAHAHAHA, couldn't help but post this!!!

But she is definitely reeking of controversy, so... oh, well.

Hell, she's pop as all them other pop girl artists are, & her debut music video sucks, methinks. But I like her album's carrier single, & I didn't know that she was the one credited for it until I had to see the sucky video (which yeah, had its nice shots somewhat that must've drawn in a horde of fans in one way or another, but...) & read/hear all the fuss about her just about everytime + everywhere. Christ. Isn't it ironic how she sings about the greatness of being true to oneself + anything but ordinary, but appears to be so unlike her songs to the masses?

Poor thing, though.

She doesn't need another bad review from anyone like me. I really could care less. I'm more worried about my own wobbling progress.

posted by Andalusia at 9/06/2002 06:09:00 AM