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wFriday, September 06, 2002

Had a yummy early dinner tonight, bummed around IRC again (I swear I'll be lying low next week), brooded over things under the heavy rain, filtered my best bud's e-mail account, & finished a few overdue reply-to missives.

Anyway, techie news from the [e]-mailbox—

Microsoft Unveils Windows Media 9 Series

Last night in Los Angeles Microsoft chairman Bill Gates announced the public release of the Windows Media 9 Series platform.

During the media event - which featured the participation of movie director James Cameron, music producer George Martin, and music artists Peter Gabriel and LL Cool J - focused primarily on the new platform's enhanced and innovative Fast Streaming video and audio technologies.

According to Gates, websites and online subscription services will be able to offer faster, higher-quality streaming video and audio content with the Windows Media 9 Series' Fast Streaming technology.

The platform's new developments were "designed to realize the true potential of digital media on the PC", Gates said.

Information on the entire Windows Media 9 Series platform, including download information, is available at the Microsoft website.

Nokia Launches Thr88o Phone with Colour Display,
Shipping Seen in Q1 2003

AFX News Limited

Nokia Corp launched the Nokia THR880 TETRA phone with colour display at the Tampere Safety and Security Expo in Finland, and said it expects the handset to start shipping in the first quarter 2003.

The new two-sided design is equipped with voice recognition and colour display as well as an upgraded menu system.

The new handset also includes WAP and IP Packet Data capabilities.

posted by Andalusia at 9/06/2002 10:54:00 PM