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wMonday, March 18, 2002

Yesterday I was reminded on what faith, hope, & love are, in relevance to self-help & success... thus, I write:

To have faith in yourself - in your capabilities, your thoughts & feelings, your stand in life. With such conviction & confidence, you can brave the world & make way for new avenues, to be a more productive, worthwhile person.

You think you can do it, sure, but that doesn't stop there. Doubts, misgivings, criticisms, failure, & other blows to the ego will always nag you to the point of despair. Here comes in hope, where you aspire & aim for things to be better. You ask for divine intervention. But even if what you get isn't the expected outcome, you can always hope for more. Dum spiro, spero anyway. While you breathe; thus, live... you hope.

Learn to love yourself, your work, your aspirations, the people closest to you. So no matter how Life takes it hard on you, you won't have to take it so hard on yourself & everyone else around you. Loving them others will also generate that drive for you to reach your goals, to hope for a brighter future, to stand up for what you believe in. But even if life deprives you of the support crew to inspire you to get going, you still have yourself, to both contend with & cherish. Give yourself a break as well as time to recharge, recollect, redefine your reason for existence - just the way you know you are destined to do so.

Among all the gifts given to us in Life, time is the most precious & yet the most wasted. How time flies, like I always whine about. Time can never be recovered once it is spent. Time is running out. Then again, it's never too late to change & live, as long as you put your whole self into it. Time is a great healer, as Experience is a great teacher. They work hand in hand, as they do with Chance. Allowing yourself to think & grow in time will allow you to be what & who you can truly be. Maturity & wisdom come with age.

Life is that abstract & vast, notwithstanding how small & simple the world is sometimes.

posted by Andalusia at 3/18/2002 08:23:00 AM