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wMonday, January 14, 2002

(MOTD) = Incubus - Wish You Were Here

Saturday night was a blast... my kid sis & I made it to the last full show of Lord of the Rings!! We had pizza & pasta first before getting tickets, then stuffed our faces with buttered popcorn & potato chips when we got inside. The movie was just splendid! I wonder why some people didn't get to appreciate it - with its stunning cinematography, editing + special effects, musical score, not to mention its riveting plot! It was just fantastic... my kid sis & I were squealing after every suspenseful take. Never reacted like that ever since Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Must be because of too much chick flicks, hehe. Funny, all ever I did watch for the past year were comical stuff. Laughed, fell in love, cried, sighed, but definitely not squealed in fright. We were hanging on for more; didn't even realize we've been sitting there for 3 hours. What I loved best about the film was that it made me think about Life all over again - saw myself in Frodo somehow, when he kept grumbling about having to keep the ring, even after he already assumed responsibility for it. There were so many scenes that seemed like allusions to relationships with family, friends, & society, as well with oneself, how one for instance, can handle temptations & defeat. Stellar. Just awesome. What a way to start the new year.

I think I'd want a ring just like that in the movie for Christmas - complete with markings & magical mystery, hehe.

Heard about great reviews of all the books per se around October, but didn't really pay much attention. I thought I've had enough of fanciful lore... with too much involvement in the Final Fantasy, Diablo, & Archmage frenzy, I guess that was explainable. Checking out stuff alone isn't that fun anymore anyway. Wish I got to borrow the first book when I had the chance, though. Nevertheless, I'm all OK with it. I'm getting my own copies soon.

What I hated about watching the darn film was how it reminded me of my being actually alone. I should've been sitting there with someone I'd really want to be with for that time being. I should've been talking to that someone nonstop about it on our way home. I could've been the happiest person that night if things did happen as I wanted them to. Too bad it doesn't work that way most of the time in Life.


posted by Andalusia at 1/14/2002 08:24:00 AM