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wSunday, August 26, 2001


(MOTD) = Psychotica - Ice Planet Hell

I tried to catch up on sleep & the rain made it totally comfy for me to hibernate for the rest of the week. However, it got too damn cold for me to be really mobile & productive - READ: sane - so it turned out to be a pretty damn soggy weekend for me.

I got to finish my due-last-week [READ: again, overdue] report in Org Comm last Wednesday, though - & I'm slated to deliver it along with my prepared damned case analysis on the same day this week. So far, so good. I now have to clean up my act before the midterm exams... after all, I still have pending prelim grades on some subjects, like OCS & FL. (Sheesh, I dun sound so worried with my other majors, duncha think?)

Too bad I couldn't make it to the choir fest last Friday. Well, I know I'm not really of loss there, so what the heck. Blame it on the rain once more. At least I gained newfound friends amidst the ruckus, & the kids were able to perform well despite the uberhectic schedule. /me sighs in relief

As of now, I'm losing sleep over worrying what to do for my birthday next month & where could've my trusty techpen gone to. I really need to come up with something... especially after vowing to myself that such an occasion will be the onset for my ongoing, steady albeit wobbly quest for change. It's hard racking my brains on how come I have yet a long way to go to reach "success" & "independence" at the age of 25. I've now adjusted my time frame until when I'm 30... & hopefully, by that time, I can live my own life in a Japanese art-inspired home writing reeeeeaaaaaaally worthwhile stuff, or venturing out oil-painting & photography. Tough luck. Who cares about being lonely - when I have M-O-N-E-Y?! Hopefully by that time, too, I'm stable enough to really come up with my own moolah.

Speaking of "dough" - I gotta have ample of that stuff. I'm thinking of serving carbonara for the gang, plus my favorite drinks for them to try out. Forget about staple punch - I'm introducing SubZer0, Mule, & fruit-flavored water to be occasional fare at simple, closed-knit, yet rather mundane gatherings. I'm cutting down beer to a minimum. After all, the guzzles I'm preparing aren't low-down cheap to procure! If they can't do with water, they'll have to stick to peach iced tea or Hawaiian Punch in cans. (mmm mmm!) Then there's the cake to worry about, plus the potato chips for us to dig in while either watching Final Fantasy or whatever else they can bring to see on VCD. I'm going to make this party spe-cial, yesiree. I even have my "party list" ready for the big day... (uhm, it's just a lousy mp3 playlist for the kids to dig) *sigh* I hope to pull this off nicely soon. I need a break. I guess it's time. If you have other bash suggestions, feel free to tell me all about it. In case you know any more ways to keep in touch with me, please do so. By all means.

Anyway, I'm thinking of kicking things off on the last Saturday next month. I've always had more fun on the succeeding days rather than on the day itself.

Fuck, I hope it doesn't rain again by then, though.

posted by Andalusia at 8/26/2001 04:00:00 AM