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wThursday, August 30, 2001

(MOTD) = Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today

I wish this would happen to me, too. But as of the moment I'm too burned out for guys, & I'm pickier with girls. I dunno what I am, really... (don't take this seriously... I'll regret saying this by the time I'd get to read this again as I wake up later.) I guess I'm just too "neutral" all over again, so to speak. I need a break. 1999's horror is happening all over again, most probably, with the dreadful gloomy days brought upon by the wretched downpours... & my (re)growing lack of zest for school. I hope I don't get to end up as screwed up as the last time.

I've been wondering... I'm growing uglier & sloppier every single fuckin' day & I don't care that much at all anymore. What happened to my plans of working it all out by September to look utterly fab by January, for the tonloads of pictures I'll be taking before I'd get to FINALLY get over with school? I hate myself. These anxieties are getting the best of me & I hate it. I really need to cover everything up before Saturday. NEED, NEED, NEED! REALLY-REALLY-REALLY! Crap. /me bonks herself

There's so much write-ups to work on... I have to figure out how to come up with a two-paged report on how the film editing on "Bless The Child" was done. I've seen the movie half a dozen times now, & all that sticks to my head is how the close-ups, lighting, & the musical score was timed to make the scenes all "spooky" & "thrilling". I just love stuff like this. Best occultic flick ever yet, methinks. *rolls eyes* Could there be some truth to this kinda stuff at all? /me shivers *cough*

Other topics I'll be working on are: the websites I've chosen to feature for the school paper, a review of GoRillaZ, my editorial column (on growing up, being real & standing up for oneself), & maybe a review on Shrek (a totally splendidly hilariously fun movieeeeeee!) & BJsD. Whatever. I have to start writing by lunchtime... & come up with other ditties for Drained. kaistah promised me it'll be up as soon as our host gets back from San Ramon, I think.

Maybe I should really focus on my writing, & see where it gets me soon. After all, this is the one thing I'm pretty natural with.

As for today's MOTD, I've seen its video - pretty slick psychedelic piece of shyt, heh.

posted by Andalusia at 8/30/2001 08:18:00 AM