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wSunday, August 12, 2001

(MOTD) = Gorillaz - Starshine

I promised to the gang yesterday while we were playing Icebreaker I'd make it on time to school from then on. I think I really should keep my word. My whole academic career for this sem & year depends largely on it. Besides, there's so much work to do - like the chorale formation, managing ed biz, make-up tests, & dang, my pending Org Comm report with Hydz - starting tomorrow first thing in the morning.

Another funny thing happened to me last night: watching a rerun of Addicted to Love & the making of Bridget Jones' Diary made my life somewhat flash kaleidoscopically before my eyes. It sure was real crappy being sappy, after a heavily emotionally-taxing month or so with adjusting to my new school life, but it sure paid off. I'm beginning to get a grip on myself more now.

Sleep is one damn good luxury I just can't afford lately. Being broke is one thing... getting high-strung due to lack of a good snooze is another. I think I'll hang on to them sweetly soothing kretek sticks for a li'l while longer.

If there's one thing I can't stand - it's not getting things done my way, or not acquiring the stuff on time I so desperately just got to have right then & there. Fuck Fate.
I need my old cp back. Quick.

Speaking of cp's... I just love my 426's new case & keypad. But I'll get something else better soon. After all, the new black housing ain't really mine to begin with. My real nice kid bro loaned it to me after he got this wicked purple-&-powder blue cover, which his unit's nasty blue backlight highlights [and I mean HIGH LIGHT!] swankily.
/me drools...

posted by Andalusia at 8/12/2001 09:55:00 PM