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wFriday, July 06, 2001

WEDNESDAY. The gang & I plus Phen were at Aljoe's yesterday - feasting on popcorn as well as on Marvel VS Capcom, X-Men Mutant Academy, & Tekken 3 on PSX. The typhoon made the day dreary & gusty, but it was all good. We had fun nonetheless. I almost didn't make it to school because Dad advised me not to anymore, but I insisted. shadowkat & cohorts hopped to the mall shortly before lunch. There was a power outage when we all went home around 8pm, that lasted for 4 hours or so. I decided to go to sleep immediately after, letting a tealight candle out flicker longer before I snoozed out.

YESTERDAY. Did almost nothing. The weather was still cold; the day seemed lifeless. Still got in touch with Kathz, Lyn, & Shy via Candy. Got so bummed out, though - my 426 ran out of credits. Sonny was so bent on re-reinstalling WinMe that it took us forever to get a hold of the puter again. The kids & I ate cheeseburgers & fries for dinner - had yummy cake for dessert. Sheesh. I felt like I was floating along the premises.

We finally saw ourselves on TV. But there were cuts so we didn't get to see ourselves screw up, errr, speak up in front of thousands of viewers. Bummer. Oh, well. At least we were seen clapping our hands out at the ending of the show. (duh?!)

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posted by Andalusia at 7/06/2001 02:12:00 AM