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wTuesday, July 03, 2001

This blogpage is best viewed with IE 5.5 & WinMe, with a 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Just wanna plug shamelessly. ^-^

Finished making breakfast *again* for my kid brother. I even roused him up awake since I think he's getting pretty late for school today, to no avail. I'm lacking sleep too. But at least I cleared up the kitchen somewhat & cleaned up the place a bit. Ohmigod, I have yet to write down my assignment in film class! Like, what's my favorite movie ever (& most hated flick as well). Hmmm... I'd better eat up first before getting down to business.

I'm still racking my brains on how to make my archives work. Darn FTP bullshit.

The rain must be the main culprit for screwed-up cp network data transmission. Lag time rates are around 4-6 hours. Egad.

I hope I won't be late for classes later.

posted by Andalusia at 7/03/2001 07:08:00 AM