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wFriday, July 20, 2001

So I profess to be a big STP fan. I have all their albums, from my high school anthem miscellany Core to the recent No.4 project. Even though I haven't got any other single item brazenly declaring to the whole wide world to state how much I'm into them (I have a Pearl Jam "ALIVE" keychain though, clipped to my backpack to "designate" my passion for the grunge "lifestyle" - talk about poserlewzer stuff!), I'm still hooked. I think they're the greatest ever. Never mind the other, "kewler" bands around in the industry. I'd do just about anything to see `em live & kickin' ass onstage here in local shores. As in, anything.

My sis excitedly blurted out the news of their new vid & album which was launched last month in the U.S. How come I never heard of it, I wondered out loud to her. I must be this too caught up with everyday affairs. I'm soooo low on sleep lately that even glutaphos isn't working any effect upon me! Anyway, I can hardly wait to find out the developments for myself. I heard the carrier single over NU a few days ago. Who can ever miss Scott Weiland's raspy, searingly engulfing vocals & the trademark STP sound as a whole that the band had impressed on their music? However, I wasn't so sure if it were actually them doing the track, alright. Didn't expect a follow-up to their fourth LP come out so soon.

I have to get my hands on their new dish-out. So on Staind's.

At last, I'm once again overly passionate on something else. Somewhat.

posted by Andalusia at 7/20/2001 03:24:00 AM