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wFriday, July 27, 2001

(MOTD) = Staind - Home

Been very, very tired... been 2 nights running since I missed out on dinner as I went straight to bed after school... been sore yet utterly diffused... nevertheless, I'm just fine.

Hung out with Lyn yesterday afternoon... I feel guilty for altering her plans to visit her beau earlier than the time we decided to pack up, but I guess it's OK, since we really needed to bond badly. The heat yesterday was just too draining; thought I wouldn't be able to make it. Had to oversee the preliminary screening of Choral Fest participants for the St. Augustine Feast Day next month, in lieu of Ma'm Pam. Anyways, I'm glad to be working with her this semester. I sure hope the whole choir thingy would work out well later. Which reminds me, I have to be in school by lunch time today.

I unhappily flunked my 2nd quiz in FL... thought I could make it to having half of the total score... too bad didn't work out that way. Pathetic. But then again, I dun take it so badly. It's just a clear, in-my-stuffed-up-face sign that I should exert more effort lengthening my attention span, patience, & determination rate. I'll be taking make-up quizzes in OCS & Org Comm later. Then the dreaded oral exam in Japanese... *groan* Dammit, I need a break!

Was late for several days this week. Hope to make it on time this time. Don't want to appear "unprofessional".

Am getting more & more hooked to STP by the minute, by the way.

posted by Andalusia at 7/27/2001 08:22:00 AM