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wSunday, July 01, 2001

If you're thinking of gift ideas to kids... here are my top 2 of them strongly & vehemently TABOOED as CURSED ITEMS (think Friday the 13th on TV):

1) Magic Sand - costs around Php259 per color & Php700 for all 4 colors. If you want your children to explore & express creativity, opt for something less messy & more compact instead. Go for coloring books & crayons, Play-Doh, Magic Slates, Fisher-Price stuff, & the ever-durable Lego blocks set.

2) Toy guns - with the rampaging local terrorism & shooting escapades in academic institutions in Japan & the US, we might as well be more rational with exposing our young'uns to blatant violence. You want them getting all the action they can get without letting them actually simulate bloodshed & war? Give `em comic books. And I don't mean Funny Komiks! Or copies of OVA's of Samurai X, Gundam X/W, Dragonball Z, & other animé action series. Or action figures of their favorite cartoon superhero/archvillain/underdawg. Hmmm... maybe a Sony Playstation console with cd's of trancey rpg's & versus games would appease them too. Or install CounterStrike & Quake 3 in your pc! Hell, there are more ways than one to entertain a kid violence junkie!

Other items banned are any sharp object or corrosive that can puncture skin & eyes. Board games should be presented out sparingly, especially if there are tokens & other items that are flammable & minute enough to be swallowed unwittingly. Give model/hardware kits & Swiss knives to high schoolers & boy scouts. 8-year-olds are NOT to be trusted with such stuff. Staple toys such as Barbie & other kinds of dolls, kitchen sets, yoyos, balls, & pogo sticks are highly recommended. If giving bikes, rollerblades, &/or skateboards - make sure kids can use them in a conducive environment for such sport, & that parental guidance should be oftentimes exercised.

Please be guided accordingly with today's Toy Advisory. Save lives. Sleep better. Enjoy life to the fullest.

But then again, you can always protect your child from anything except HIS very own SELF.

posted by Andalusia at 7/01/2001 01:41:00 AM