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let me be...
hold me closer,
let me go away...



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wMonday, July 23, 2001

Friday was the pits. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, & ended up late for all my other classes. Good thing we didn't have PR or FL - or else I would've freaked out! I missed out on my quizzes on OCS & OrgComm... bummer.

Good thing Jane wasn't able to take the quiz last Wednesday! Now I can sure team up with her later. Damn, uh-oh, I just remembered... the class is supposed to have a graded oral exam today til Friday. Hmmm, might as well slate my sched for that on the last day.

Pre-Prelims activities suck! Plus the ruckus regarding our Gala Night due next weekend isn't making me feel any better. Have to finalize plans on my gown, shoes, make-up, means & time to get to the venue, programme to deliver, partner for the programme, & WHOOOPS!!!! The waiver for all LIA students for that momentous night! ARGH.

Today will be another long, hectic day. I have to come up with feature articles for publication due next month. Well, the drafts for that are easy, but with the waiver thingy - that's an entirely different story.

Hung out with Kathz just before I headed home. A headache surfaced right after.

Fixed my stuff for school last night. Bummed out the whole weekend - again. We weren't able to go online; problems connecting to the local ISP arose. That's OK, at least I was able to think about other pending stuff, like rewriting my lectures & reviewing for a tonload of make-up quizzes due later.

Boyyyyyy, am I so drained. And to make things worse, feelings of being hung-up are still present.

If I were to die this mornin'
Would you tell me things that you wouldn't have?
Would you be my navigator?
Would you take me to a place we could hide?

As I'm fallin' out
I wonder what I lost
Must be movin' on
Know I'll be waitin' here alone

I wanna ask you to forgive me
I haven't been the best with all that I had
Wish I'd only lay beside you
I think I spread myself a little too thin

As I'm fadin' out
I don't feel anything at all
Think I'm movin' on
Know you'll be safe but not alone

You're the everything
That led me to believe,
"Hold on, hold on"
You're the wonder in everything that's wonderful.

posted by Andalusia at 7/23/2001 06:36:00 AM