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wSaturday, May 19, 2001

Realizing how politics can be such a dirty, DIRTY game, as much as the militia is dampens my optimism. I've been suffering from information overload because of it; so far the frenzy has worn off. I'm back to normal (not to mention undergoing chemical imbalances to add up to the drastic vascillation of my mood swings). It sure has been a while since I've actually gone out. I missed a couple of mall hops with my mom & sibs, as well as several get-togethers with my peers online. Hopefully I can leave tomorrow so I can get a more functional mobile phone (as if!). Oh, well.
Anyways, I'm glad my best bud shadowkat finally decided to visit me for a change even if just to run to me for emotional back-up. I've been feeling sore & dreary for 2 weeks, you see, so even though I had to go out & be with her, no can do. Good thing she picked up the part that I was really sick. Somehow, it felt so good to be with her once again - yet another part of me clamored for personal space. If Lynne [z3ug] turns up here soon too, I'd be probably soooo relieved. Thanks guys for remembering me, & understanding my poor plight as well.

posted by Andalusia at 5/19/2001 02:31:00 AM