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wSunday, May 27, 2001

Pondering over last week's events... aside from me feeling sick & bored... my friend Shy came over to meet me & my younger sister up. She came over last Friday morning, & we hung out Sunday night. It was rather nice & *weird* how I got my past bud [Shy] & present [Kathz] all in one living room. I wonder how it'd fare out if Lynne was there with us. Riot siguro, hehe.

Kathz was at Shai's (our little cute 8-year-old kumare, born Sasha Nicole) that night, "juz chillin'" with li'l Clarence so the three of us POJI's "crashed" the place. Nothing on cable TV was interesting enough, except for a rerun of that tribute show to Janet Jackson on MTV. The 8-year-olds had their bedtime set around 8pm, & Kathz had to make a phone call til 9 [her curfew] while we were sipping lemonades. It was nice though, yet pretty mundane. We said goodbye to Shai's warm mom & brought Kathz home. Then we headed off to take a bite along the plaza.

Hah. It was nice how my sis, Shy, & I got along well, after a year or so of absence & irregular communication. Like Lynne, it was easy to pick up where we last left off. I miss the times. Good ol' spanking times. How we used to "psych out" people at school & trip on 'crappy' stuff. Sheesh, I was younger back then though. Now I know better, heh, despite my being more "socially isolated" lately. Man, we had a kick out of hearing Shy's side of the story, post-Tekken 3 edition. Pare, we really miss ya. Thanks for keeping in touch. And oh, for the new cp note. Sayang, ahehe. Yet, hey, there's always time for upgrades. Hopefully pretty soon I'll strut around town with that swanky thang, or with something else way better. Oh, well.

Ahhh, I miss them times. Good ol' spankin' times.

posted by Andalusia at 5/27/2001 04:13:00 AM