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wSunday, May 27, 2001

Little did I realize that my fave blog grrrl changed her site's URL, until stillb0rn asked everybody in the "pit" about it. Man, she still rocks. And taking into notice some of her blogs that totally got to me...

This is good advertising (posted 05/21/01, 12:57 AM)
Ever since KitKat started it's "Have a break, have a kitkat" campaign, everytime I take a break from work or studying, I get a craving for a bar of Kitkat. Now, a new ad's in town. Mike says, "A hard day deserves a hard drink." Since the days are getting harder, i've been reaching for my stash of Mike's more often. Now that's what I call consumer programming.

Whoohoo, neat. Well, ever since that ad I dont always reach out for a KitKat bar... but I do now remember to take lil itty-bitty breaks every so often... with a CADBURY TimeOut or Twix bar while I'm at it. I'm basically a candybar junkie (but I go for vanilla & cola-flavored lollipops & Hershey's Tastestations too... not to mention local soft, chewy, yummy Potchi's!!! \o/). Which reminds me... I need a nice large dose of mocha zagu real bad... :-/

posted by Andalusia at 5/27/2001 04:53:00 PM