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wWednesday, May 23, 2001

I wonder how true it is that what goes around, comes around. Sometimes the people you've ditched so bad turn up again very unexpectedly, and certain events occur in a deja vu-ic light. Is it possible that their comeback can be more than just coincidence?! What if they were really meant to reappear? Why do they have to be in the scene again? For us to learn from the mutherfuckers/instances? Does this mean we still have unfinished businesses with such individuals/happenings? What can possibly happen next? As I always lament, what in the world is coming down to now?

But then again, some of the people & things that do come back are the ones you've been missing for so long... the ones you've been yearning to have & be with all over again. They're the ones you'd give anything for just to at least even see for the very last time. And wouldn't it just make your day if they do turn up & stay, for keeps? *sigh* They may reappear due to serendipity or true fate... whatever the cause is, at least they're back, if not for good.

posted by Andalusia at 5/23/2001 07:08:00 PM