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wTuesday, May 01, 2001

Ho-hummmm... another morning has come to pass. Finally, it's the first day of another month again ever since November. *sigh* This feeling is sickening. I wonder what I should do. I've been thinking so much lately again about my losses, regrets, and other frustrations that it's hard to focus on my life's good points. It's a good thing I've been able to bond with my best bud though. I'm actually still pondering on what I've said to her & shyt. It's quite a shame that I've remained sleepless since last night. I wonder if I'll make it through lunch at her place later. Oh, well. Maybe I really should get my mind off certain things by spending my time elsewhere. Funny thing, though - the more I brood, the more I want to wallow alone.

posted by Andalusia at 5/01/2001 06:37:00 AM