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wSaturday, May 19, 2001

Funny how my mood swings vary, reflecting on the music I'm currently tripping on. Don't laugh. Don't even think I'm a horny bitch for now. Haha. Chances are I'm just a plain ol' slacker brat jackass for ya. I've been into RNB anyway, ever since I was kid, regardless of the songs' lyrics, artists' personalities, music video makeup. So I guess "groovin' back" to my "roots" won't be so bad now. Color Me Badd's "Sexual Capacity" is just sooooo smooth & fly, methinks. I got hooked to it ever since the very first time I caught it on air. Hehe. I even could get myself caught dead thumpin' to CMB's old album (after all, I did thump it on 9 years ago... what harm can it possibly do me if I trip it on again? *snicker*). They were a good group; I'd kick them asses of those who'd disagree. With RNB, you can just hang loose without the tension, angst, dumb sobriety. You can while away with the beat without thinking hard. You just simply "lay back, relax, & enjoy the ride". No wonder I can never rub it off me after all the soundtripping I've done. Oh, yeah. *grins*
Anyways, there still are non-RNB songs I'm so much into nowadays. Binocular's "Deep", Tinfed's "Drop", & this other track that I, uhm, yikes, seem to have forgotten it was! Angst has swept me away once more with Staind's "It's Been A While". Just pretty. Perfect for rainy days & lazybutt hours. I'd like to thank introvert & Javi for helping me out with some of the mp3's. I sure also enjoy talking to you guys a lot! *smile*

posted by Andalusia at 5/19/2001 10:09:00 AM