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wMonday, May 07, 2001

Drat mood swings. Lately I've been so depressed & high-strung lately that I've decided to lie low with my offline social affairs for a week. I thought it would help & somehow it did. Of course I couldn't help feeling guilty so I tried to break the ice. But then here I am, curling back into my isolating shell... I've learned a couple of handful of things anyway, so I guess it's all worth it. I dunno if I should take pride in my being ultra-sensitive lately with current affairs, after years of being apathetic; however, I am. The recent EDSA 3 revolution, which turned out to be a mockery of the real essence of the Philippine people power, was utterly, movingly pathetic. And it saddened me to re-realize the harshness of Life to less-endowed people. Maybe because I feel deprived as well, so I have no choice but to empathize. I remember in this local public forum show that one anti-poverty movement leader who was on the Administration's arrest list for inciting rebellion against the State made his point loud & clear on national television. He stated how yes, the indigent are being looked down upon as stupid, filthy, "bayaran", "mukhang pera" & "patay-gutom" (who'd do anything crappy for money or for even a single meal) by the pro-Administration group. Because of these labels, of such cited differences, the poor is just not worthy to be heeded or anything. They can't make a stand unlike those from the stock market, private schools, government offices, private companies, NGO's, & the like. How cruel & unfair can that be?

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posted by Andalusia at 5/07/2001 09:15:00 AM