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wMonday, May 28, 2001

Last night I wasn't able to go back online because while I got so excited preparing dinner, I absent-mindedly scalded myself with hot cooking oil I was trying to transfer from the frying pan to a china bowl. Fuck, talk about being a class-A klutz. I dunno what got to me back then... told you my pining for mocha zagu was THAT intense so as to get me distracted big time, hehe. But it sure was a helluva BAD experience. The sensation was so burning... my left hand's index, middle, & ring finger plus upper palm (where the life line's base is located in palmistry) were all covered with plain white minty toothpaste (ah, yes, two-flouride protection enriched with calcium for no cavities & fresh breath!). I had to cease all ambidextrous activity & sit by an electric fan set to medium high to cool myself down. I had to use toothpaste, by the way, since we ran out of Terramycin. Very effective for very minor burns... although I really do think that I would be needing immediate medical help for my dilemma. (Remind me to thank Rosalie for the innovative first-aid move.) I felt better after an hour or so, but it was rather hard for me to clench my left hand into a fist - I could still feel the sharp stinging. Now everytime I look at my hand, I grimace at the sight of pink inflammed skin with small blisters. Looks like I definitely have to make a trip to the clinic to get them blisters popped clean. They'd be really painful I suppose, especially with this blister on my ring finger joint. WAAAHHHHHHH!! I might even faint seeing myself bleed if I take care of these blisters on my own. Bummer. This should remind me to be more in focus next time. Shyt.

But then again, my thoughts drift to those severely burned... as in with life-shattering 3rd-degree burns, baby... as well as those burned alive (to death, of course). I wonder how they managed through such pain & heat. If I was squinting my tears back in sheer suffering, damn... you do the math. OWW! Dammit, I can only wish them who died "in the line of fire" to requiescat in pace. +

posted by Andalusia at 5/28/2001 05:20:00 PM