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wMonday, November 26, 2007

Progress is slow in WarBook, & I don't understand why this is deemed so much more fun than Archmage. Archmage was 10 times better, & I was 100 times stronger there even if I was alone. My request to join the War Sharks alliance is pending at the moment, & I'm getting tired of generals & moguls & mages double my level ransacking my kingdom every now & then while I wait for luck to shine on me so far. Most of my favorite targets are now too weak for me to pillage, & the last one had to join a formidable alliance & so he's now stronger than I am. I found a nice new target, though, & I will send fireballs her way, HAHAHA once I've recharged.

KOL is getting more boring by the minute. It's been a while since I've played. Maybe tomorrow I can start embarking on that Orcs VS Hippies quest to shake up the routine, but I really should be doing more worthwhile things with my time. It's just funny how players would hoard on silly items like Blackfly Chardonnay & pygmy blowguns by the bulk. :)) Go buy more from me, folks! I am so saving up on an astral badger.

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posted by Andalusia at 11/26/2007 09:52:00 AM