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wThursday, September 20, 2007

Now I know what it feels like to be fixated on a series of books (excluding Harry Potter) & Japan-inspired tales (Sandman: The Dream Hunters is way up high on my top fiction picks).

I just have to declare that Otori Shigeru is love, even if the entire series is dedicated to his adopted son, Takeo, part-Otori (purebred warriors & one of the strongest clans that time) & part-Kikuta (with superhuman, ninja-esque powers, mainly trained as assassins). I want all them other 4 books in hardbound, & I swear it won't take me forever to devour them all.

Another birthday present I got for myself is an aisle seat at the orchestra for this musical, & I immensely enjoyed it after my shift. What got my attention was, "ooohhh, puppets?" & that it was going to be running right across work.

It would definitely suck to be you if you didn't get a chance to see it. :P The total audio-visual indulgence of the year, & hooray for local delights! It hit right home, yo, especially with songs like Purpose, The More You Ruv Someone, & I Wish I Could Go Back To College wahahaha. RENT can go to hell.

& if it weren't for the fantastic Disturbia soundtrack (I was so glad I got to see the movie for free LOL!), I wouldn't have found out who was responsible my elusive favorite Crazy Bitch song! LOLOLOL. Yowza! \m/ Serves me right for taking a hiatus from rock radio.

This is so going to be a good year for a birthday, pota. Dito pa lang solb nako eh. But wait, there's more -- I got my first recommendation from a customer for a job well-done & I was literally bouncing on the production floor while pestering my unit manager to acknowledge it. So far, there are other 3 guys who usually get instances like this (& 2 of them are my teammates) & I'm really happy. 3 more Power of One cards to score, & my future is sealed by the end of my working year! :D

(MOTD) = Louque - Whoa Now

posted by Andalusia at 9/20/2007 07:16:00 AM