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wTuesday, July 24, 2007

I can say that a whole lot of things happened to me ever since my last update here. As in A WHOLE LOT. Work has been taking too much of my time & energy, but somewhat it's paying off, after scoring the highest productivity for April, then 2 Power of One cards (I'll need 4 more, though, sigh), & a higher scorecard grade, hehe, after getting transferred from one unit manager to another. I've also managed to consume half of our yearly alloted sick leaves -- much to my new manager's dismay, perform one supervisor call successfully for a teammate on my last break for that day, take part in our Focus Group to discuss with our head honchos *gasp* how to achieve improved service & efficient performance, & write my mid-year self-appraisal report for next month, even if my signature was required last Saturday at the last minute & I didn't go, thus missing our second team building as well because I was on leave the night before, hehe. I also had new tarot clients, while one of my most loyal fans will be leaving for Canada this weekend. I also paid someone else (some older guy) to read tarot for me & it felt rather freaky, actually, especially upon knowing how parallel our lives were. I'm also on a mission to go spring-cleaning at home, with much help from my kid brother, & I'm about to go insane with the lineup. I'm shifting my attention back to the household pets as well, but how can I simply feed the new pup & the old tomkitten without them fighting to death every now & then? Dammit. But anyway, I'm going to try to see things in a different perspective from now on, & not whine too much about work & the absence of my auld lang syne friends & my decade-long hangups. Since I'm in love with the Rockwell Center all over again, I'm going to get lost there more often, & try to update my blogs more significantly. I'm thinking of getting a new scent, too. If all that doesn't help me feel better, Goddd, I dunno what else will.

Anyway, regarding my KoL misadventures, I've finally defeated the goddamn Naughty Sorceress but I haven't ascended yet (I will once I reach level 19 in a bit) & I still don't have a million Meat in my stash. :( I still can't afford them fancy weapons & clothes & accessories, either. & I think NS13 sucks, as I don't have access to the Palindome anymore. So far, I've survived my wacky clan's Survivor games & I'm madly in love with Chefbot. I'm a KoL lush that way, you know.

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posted by Andalusia at 7/24/2007 01:20:00 PM