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wMonday, April 16, 2007

Thanks, AJ, for reminding me that empathy is a hard skill to learn, & that means having "very empathetic to clients — just continue" remarks on one's coaching log is a big plus. I shouldn't wait for all the other bad comments about my productivity, but count all the good points to my heart's content.

I'm still not sure if I'm getting a Katamari Damacy DVD for our PS2, but maybe this week. I need all the diversions from work I can get my hands on fast. Kuro, one of the Prince's quirky cousins, is my favorite character. :D I'm the queen of kawaii silliness, after all, & it wouldn't do me justice if I didn't have that in my el wacko perpetua collection. I want a Katamari Damacy icon!

I also got a Tekken 5 data card for my Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection arcade trips, but 4 losses as opposed to 7 wins isn't good. Grrr. My coworker has his Lili customized like crazy now — I wonder if I'll ever to get spice my Lili's gear up like that. Well, whatever. At least I know I'm a only few points away now to a Platinum game card, & I can't wait until my next birthday. :))

The Romeo & Juliet 2 portrait at the Painting Shakespeare exhibit at the MuseumSpace last Saturday afternoon almost moved me to tears. Seriously. Coincidentally, after remembering that my membership must've expired, I got a membership form mailed to me at home so I might as well swing by again tomorrow, before my first ever Nike Rockstar Carribean Workout class. Yikes. Hopefully I'll get to hang out with Zhy & Rissa by then as well after the longest time.

I also have to thank Lorna for a wonderful weekend at The Rub & Amici di Don Bosco, hehe. That surely helped me big time, & I'm a bit more ready now to face the world again despite all the hassles. (You are a glorious friend, mare. I wonder if I'll have enough courage to get an oral prophylaxis from your dentist, however.) Eep. I need more sleep, though! >:( Especially with the way I almost slept through the TMNT movie just so I could make the summer heat pass, which, btw, was hilariously awesome. I've always liked Raph even if I'm not so much of a fan & he had minimal exposure in the original animated series compared to his wackier brothers. Oh, & I've always thought that Leo is a fucking wuss.

We also have a new puppy, quite unweaned. I don't get to spend time with it much but I still think he's absolutely cute. Our resident tomcat Sunspot doesn't seem to have problems with it so far, hehe.

Remind me to get this book this week while everything's on sale. I admit I'm swamped with 3 more magazines to read but I could use all the literature to revv up my dwindling thought processes.

(MOTD) = We ♥ Katamari trailer BGM

posted by Andalusia at 4/16/2007 01:02:00 AM