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wMonday, December 11, 2006

Yuletide Wishlist 2006

Twinings camomile tea (mura lang to)

Nestle Fruit Selection mango (or kahit buco nata) yogurt (eto rin, kahit bilhan nyo ko nung mas malaki pa sa 125g)

Apivita Propoline Pedi Care Relief Gel

Godiva truffles

cakes like Samba from Bizu, Conti's, turtle pie from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, ice cream cake from Haagen-Dazs

GCs from Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Starbucks, The Spa, Suriya, Bay Spa, FF Body Care, Starbucks na nga rin pakshet

magazines like Internet Underground, In Style, Writer's Digest, Yoga Journal (back issues are highly appreciated)

cockade fans


iPod-ready softcore hentai videos HAHA jk

the Victoria-Regina Tarot deck

a Ouija board

movie passes (or M-Pass load)

Starbucks tumblers &/or mugs (yung makulay ha)

Hello Kitty plushies

Little Gamers Cute Ninja plushie!

Garfield comic books (basta wag na yung Older & Wider & Eats Crow; the newer issues, the better) or plushies

a new Nike yoga mat (sana pink/purple hehe bakla)

1 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts (glazed chocolate cake & NY cheesecake please, gudbai diet)

kung Go Nuts naman, peanut butter driz, chocolate cake, & peanut butter frost hehe kahit half-dozen lang pwede na

a lunch or dinner date at Zhongnanhai, Circles, & Alba's hehe dahil I miss those places & nobody wants to go with me there, so it seems!

Rollerblade Lightning W in-line skates

a great hair day at Shine Girls salon

a pink iPod Nano armband

a date to see the sunset at my favorite spot in Sangley Point.

Mass cards for my sister.

posted by Andalusia at 12/11/2006 05:37:00 PM